Hello friends and future friends!

My birth name is Shengxiao (in Mandarin Chinese) and I also go by Sole (in Spanish, sol-ley) as I have lived in Latin America for a few years.

My pronouns are she/her.

My life has been deeply influenced by my experience immigrating to the United States at age 11 to a predominantly white neighborhood in the midwest. I faced many difficulties learning English while navigating the complex social world of pre-teens. At that time, I saw languages as barriers that stood in the way of human connections. It wasn’t until studying Spanish and Latin American history in high school that my views of language profoundly changed, and I started seeing language as bridges into the richness of our shared humanity.

I have lived in Latin America and worked with grassroots communities in Peru and Costa Rica. I have worked with a variety of groups to tailor social justice education curricula, including community organizers, nonprofit professionals, educators, and beyond.

As part of the Asian diaspora, I am also working to build community among my fellow Asian Americans in order to increase socio-political power and cultural representation. I focus on increasing inter-racial solidarity and am deeply committed to building a world that shifts power to marginalized communities in an intersectional and inclusive way.

My life and work is informed and inspired by the work of indigenous activists, grassroots community leaders, and all the intersectional movement ancestors who have come before me. I believe that true, lasting social change will only come from actions that dismantle systems of injustice and work toward collective liberation.

I reside on the occupied land of the Tongva and Kizh peoples, a place also known as Los Angeles.