The year 2020 revealed to us many underlying systemic injustices that shape people’s lives. The coronavirus brought to light the crumbling healthcare system along with deep economic inequalities that characterize our society; Black people being murdered by the state sparked waves of racial justice uprisings; the worsening annual wildfires and hurricanes was Mother Earth’s loud roar to show us how much she is hurting.

The events of 2020 also politicized many people. We became more socially conscious, more politically aware. Yet, many people are still unsure of what to do next. How do we deepen our nascent knowledge to gain a systematic understanding of social injustices? How do different systems of injustice connect to each other? How do we concretely apply what we have learned to our own lives?

Welcome to your Journey toward Justice.

Journey toward Justice is a 12-week program designed to equip you with a systems-level understanding of social injustices and to empower you to create meaningful and sustained changes within your own professional and social spaces. You will be in a small cohort of fellow participants experiencing class lectures, small group discussions, and multiple one-on-one sessions with social justice educator Shengxiao “Sole” Yu.

Every participant will have an introductory call with Sole so we can begin our conversation about your worldview, thoughts, and feelings, and together identify what deeply motivates you in your own social justice journey.

Journey toward Justice will provide you with the training you need to advance social justice in your own life, whether you want to improve your company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, reassess your nonprofit’s mission and vision, deepen your social analysis at the family dinner table, activate your conversation circle at your faith-based organization, or engage with a group of artists and poets for social change.

This 12-week journey includes three chapters. Each chapter features several weeks of 90-minute class lectures and discussions, and concludes with a final week of personalized, 60-minute one-on-one sessions with Sole.

Chapter 1: Critical Understanding

In this first chapter of our journey, we will learn what it means to understand oppression at a systemic level by diving deeply into a few pervasive systems of oppression.

Week 1: The Making of Race and the Construction of Structural Racism

Week 2: The Accumulated Harms of Late-Stage Capitalism

Week 3: Colonialism, Imperialism, and Decolonial Futures

Week 4: Access, Barriers, and Disability Justice

Week 5: One-on-one personalized session with Sole

Chapter 2: Critical Connections

In the second chapter, we will make connections between various systems of oppression in order to understand how they interact and reinforce each other and to explore their effects on people inhabiting the intersection of multiple systems of oppression.

Week 6: Intersectional Personal Identities and Community Experiences

Week 7: Institutionalized Oppression

Week 8: One-on-one personalized session with Sole

Chapter 3: Critical Action

As we arrive at the third chapter of this journey, we focus on what we learned and concretely apply these lessons to make meaningful and sustained personal changes and institutional transformations.

Week 9: How Systems of Oppression Are Maintained Over Time

Week 10: How Systems of Oppression Evolve Over Time

Week 11: How Some Social Change Efforts Actually Uphold Systems of Oppression

Week 12: One-on-one personalized session with Sole and Graduation Celebration

Sole brings passion, thoughtfulness, and her entire self to her social justice education work. The readings she carefully chose paired with her insightful lectures were eye-opening and helped me understand complex key concepts around systems of injustice. She does a great job at explaining historical context and connecting it to current social issues. Her course left me with foundational knowledge, tools for the real world and more questions than answers that has inspired me to continue learning and doing this life-long work for justice.

— Kristen Navaluna

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To say I am glad to have taken Sole’s class would be a complete understatement.

In [a few] short weeks, my perspective on issues of Systems of Injustice has expanded more than I thought possible. After taking this course, I have found myself using my voice from a place of true empowerment and loving accountability (for myself and others) for one of the first times in my life.

– Kristin Eriko Posner

This course has provided me with a broad historical base to better understand how systems of injustice were created in American history. This course has opened my heart and mind to a positive change towards respect for humanity and has motivated me to keep working for justice in whatever space I may be.

Thanks Sole for your energy, passion and genuine soul!!

– Nivia Talanda, Bilingual teacher, Round Lake, Illinois