Social Justice Educator | Community Advocate | Capacity Builder

Social Justice Educator

My approach to social justice education is grounded in the principles of anti-oppression: understanding how marginalized groups are systematically excluded from decision-making that impacts their lives, dismantling structural barriers marginalized groups face in accessing power, and actively confronting racism, colorism, sexism, classism, heteronormativity, ableism, and other harmful systems that operate both in society at large and within social justice movements.

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Experience working with: The Cosmos, Associated Colleges of the Midwest, Paridad Education Consulting, Gumbo Magazine, various school districts

Community Advocate

I speak both Mandarin Chinese and Spanish and my language skills have given me unique access to work with diverse and vibrant communities across the world. I have served as a legal advocate for unaccompanied immigrant children, a socioeconomic development advocate in grassroots communities, an education advocate for students and teachers, and more. My experiences have cemented my belief that the most marginalized communities must be at the forefront of the fight for justice.

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Experience working with: National Immigrant Justice Center, Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Capacity Builder

I have worked with a variety of teams to build up organizational capacity. I prioritize aligning shared values within a team. With values as a foundation, I have extensive experience building organizational strategy, designing and evaluating programs, cultivating relationships and leveraging resources, crafting and telling compelling stories, and more. These experiences have strengthened my ability to work with various coalitions to build up our collective capacity for social change.

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Experience working with: GlobeMed Global Headquarters, Cost Rica-USA Foundation, University of Chicago Institute of Politics, East Meets Dress

“Sole is a compassionate and well informed social justice educator who facilitates an intentional and brave space for learning and unlearning. Through her classes, I have developed an understanding of the systems of injustice that have affected my ancestors and continue to affect all of us on the planet.

As a second generation Filipino American womxn of color, I feel empowered by the knowledge gained in Sole’s class to make decisions that can contribute to our collective liberation. I am forever changed from and forever grateful for this experience.

Maria Veronica Lombo

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AARISE: Asian American Racialized Identity and Social Empowerment

Understanding History + Healing through Body Awareness & Emotional Resilience

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I have teamed up with two other Asian American women, Carissa Begonia and Julia Berryman, to create a special space for the AAPI community! We believe that the heart of creating social change starts with doing the inner work to understand ourselves. By understanding our individual & cultural identities, we can then engage with the world to make institutional, systemic & societal changes. We’ve created a course for AAPI folx to process our own history, cultural identity, and feel more confident in our role in fighting for social equity.

This course will help you learn more about the history of Asians in America and how those experiences shape our experiences today. It’s an amazing blend of history and social justice education, deep dive conversations, and emotional processing & healing on a somatic level.

For more info and to stay updated, visit our website.

People’s Collective for Justice and Liberation

I am a member of the organizing committee of the People’s Collective for Justice and Liberation.

The People’s Collective for Justice and Liberation (PC4JL) is a pro-justice movement of Asians and Asian Americans building transformative solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and organizing with an intersectional, multi-generational and cross-sector framework. PC4JL is committed to radical, liberatory transformation to co-create a world that reclaims the dignity, self-determination and humanity of all oppressed communities.

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Curated Resources

I have curated a page of resources to deepen knowledge and understanding of various social justice issues.


Five types of statements on race made by refugee and immigrant families and how to respond

A conversation template for children of refugees and immigrants on how to dismantle anti-Blackness in our families and communities. Read more.

For Asian Americans, Claiming American Identity Means Rejecting the Model Minority Myth

Andrew Yang’s COVID-19 op-ed is clearly the product of someone who hasn’t learned about structural racism. Yang thinks that by acting like good citizens, Asian Americans can convince white America that we too, are human beings. Read more.

Fighting Racism in the Age of COVID-19

Using this moment to radicalize and dismantle white supremacy culture. Read more.

This Journey is Ours

This Journey is Ours is a storytelling project I created in 2017 that documented nourishing conversations about how we got here and where we are going.

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