Social Justice Resources

This page features social justice educational resources that I have curated. These resources center the voices of BIPOC folkx and are grounded in queer and trans liberation. They are meant to give you a decolonized and intersectional introduction to social justice education.

Understanding Systems of Oppression


The Urgency of Intersectionality: 18 min video explanation of the term by Kimberlé Crenshaw who coined the term “intersectionality”

An Indigenous View on #BlackLivesMatter

Unequal Impact: The Deep Links Between Racism and Climate Change

Internalized Oppression

[TW: domestic violence, sexual violence] The Familiar Face of Genocide: Internalized Oppression among American Indians

How Systems of Oppression are Maintained Over Time

The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House: From Audre Lorde “Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches”

The Danger of a Single Story: 18 min video.

How Systems of Oppression Evolve Over Time

13th: Film directed by Ava DuVernay. 100 min running time. Available on Netflix

How Systems of Oppression Co-opt Social Movements

Funding America’s Nonprofits: The Nonprofit Industrial Complex’s Hold on Social Justice

Arundhati Roy: Foundations & NGOs Pacify Grassroots Movements: 17 min video

The NGO-Ization of Resistance

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

The White-Savior Industrial Complex

How Non-intersectional Social Movements Uphold Systems of Oppression

Many Famous Suffragists Were Actually Working to Advance White Supremacy

When Feminism Is White Supremacy in Heels

How Rainbow Capitalism Harms the Origins of What Pride Is About

Racism as a System of Oppression

Current Events and Analyses

A Timeline of Events That Led to the 2020 ‘Fed Up’-Rising: Without the proper context, it is impossible to understand the mushroom cloud of uprisings that are exploding across the country

Context and Conceptual Framing

Racial Equity Tools Glossary: Glossary for your reference

The Power of an Illusion – Race Timeline: The historical construction of race

The Power of an Illusion – Human Diversity: Race is not genetic

A Brief History of Whiteness: How one category became the norm and one ‘the other’

The Case for Reparations: option to listen to 1 hour and 28 min audio recording embedded in this article

Racial Hierarchies

For Asian Americans, Claiming American Identity Means Rejecting the Model Minority Myth

Capitalism as a System of Injustice

Racial Capitalism

Racial Capitalism: A Fundamental Cause of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Inequities in the United States

Amazon is the invisible backbone of ICE’s immigration crackdown: Lobbying dollars and a cozy relationship with the government have given the tech giant an outsize influence in the Department of Homeland Security

The East St. Louis Race Riot Left Dozens Dead, Devastating a Community on the Rise: Three days of violence forced African-American families to run for their lives and the aftereffects are still felt in the Illinois city today

35 Years After Vincent Chin’s Murder, How Has America Changed? On a Detroit summer night in 1982, a 27-year-old Chinese-American man named Vincent Chin went out for his bachelor party. But when he arrived at a club, he encountered two strangers who would become his killers.

Disaster Capitalism

The Rise of Disaster Capitalism: Rebuilding is no longer the primary purpose of the reconstruction industry

How power profits from disaster: After a crisis, private contractors move in and suck up funding for work done badly, if at all

Anti-Oppression Work in Relationships and Communities

Examining Organizations and Communities

Continuum on Becoming an Anti-Racist Multicultural Organization

The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture

8 Ways People of Color are Tokenized in Nonprofits

Anti-Racism Work in Conversations

A guide to starting anti-racist conversations with friends and family

A Template of Responses to Racist Comments

Letters for Black Lives Conversation Guide

Deeper Dive into Topics

Police, Prison Abolition and Transformative Justice

Historical Context and Current Analyses

The History of Police in America and the First Force

Angela Davis: ‘We Knew the Role of the Police Was to Protect White Supremacy

How the School to Prison Pipeline REALLY Works

Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop


Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police: Because reform won’t happen

Building a Police-Free Future: Presented by MPD150

Is Prison Necessary? Ruth Wilson Gilmore Might Change Your Mind

We Want More Justice For Breonna Taylor Than The System That Killed Her Can Deliver

From a Native Trans Daughter: Roots of an Indigenous Abolitionist Imaginary: Carceral refusal, settler colonialism, re-routing the roots of an indigenous abolitionist imaginary

Transformative Justice

What is Transformative Justice: 10 min video

What Does Justice Look Like for Survivors?: 7 min video

How Shame Can Block Accountability: 4 min video

How to Support Harm Doers in Being Accountable: 15 min video

Critical Ethnic Studies

Asian American Studies

A Different Asian American Timeline

Native American & Indigenous Studies

Standing Rock Syllabus: this is a syllabus with a large collection of resources that puts the Dakota Access Pipeline in a broader historical, political, economic, and social context

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